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20+ years as a leader in stabilized imagery and laser targeting

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Hood Tech Vision is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stabilized gimbals. Incorporating electro-optical cameras, infrared imagers, laser markers and designators, and many other sensor payloads, these imaging systems offer sophisticated capabilities developed to address a full range of military and civilian needs. Each Hood Tech payload is designed for unmatched stability in the roughest conditions.
Hood Tech Vision systems are designed to have the lowest Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) in the industry to allow maximum performance of customer platforms. With power and weight as little as half that of other competitors, Hood Tech Vision payloads offer enhanced  flight times and increased range of operations while offering unparalleled optical and tracking performance.

Hood Tech Vision has shipped over 10,000 units to date and our equipment has been proven over 1,500,000+ combat fight hours on dozens of different types of aircraft. With this long history of success and experience Hood Tech Vision has the proven reliability and stability of supply needed to support any mission requirements.

In addition to designing and manufacturing imaging systems, Hood Tech produces innovative UAV launch and retrieval systems for UAVs, provides test services for experimental aircraft and components, operates a silent wind tunnel for measuring engine and prop noise, and monitors blade vibrations in industrial turbines and jet engines.
Hood Tech Vision, gimbal manufacturer, logo mark
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