Title photo showing ALTICAM Series 11 4 axis inertially stabilized gimbal drawing
Photo of 4 Axis inertially stabilized ALTICAM 11 gimbal


The ALTICAM 11 excels in both daytime and nighttime operations in a compact, lightweight, and energy-efficient package. The system offers optional laser targeting capability, including a designator, pointer, range finder, and spot tracker, providing operators with a versatile suite of tools for precision engagements. The ALTICAM 11 delivers two simultaneous H.265 compressed video streams, enhancing both situational awareness and detailed target inspection. A remarkable factor 2 weight and power saving over industry standards ensures extended operational endurance, making the ALTICAM 11 a reliable choice for prolonged missions. The system's advanced features include embedded video processing and AI, encompassing image stabilization, target tracking, video motion target indicators (VMTI), and automatic target recognition (ATR).
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Front drawing of a 4 axis inertially stabilized ALTICAM 11 Gimbal


Hood Tech Vision’s turnkey systems require a minimum of training. A simple joystick control can operate the system from a remote ground station. An operator can quickly learn to smoothly pan and tilt the camera for wide-area searches or remain locked onto an object as the carrying platform – an aircraft, boat or vehicle – is being maneuvered. Image and stabilization enhancements ensure the best feed possible in every situation.


ALTIVIEW Software streamlines camera control through an intuitive interface. The setup and operation menus are efficiently organized, providing operators with comprehensive yet straightforward control. Tailored with the user in mind, ALTIVIEW adapts seamlessly to various screen sizes and resolutions, allowing users to customize video and map placement. Enhancing mission awareness, ALTIVIEW incorporates a robust map engine that offers street, satellite, and topographic views. Users can quickly orient themselves, identify, and save targets on the map during missions. The ALTIVIEW system facilitates both manual and automatic scanning or tracking of selected targets, tightly integrating with the map for easy camera pointing. ALTIVIEW supports the management and tracking of multiple targets, operating in single or multi-target modes. Each target resides on a distinct layer, enabling users to toggle them on or off, and choose tracking for any identified target.
Side drawing of a 4 axis inertially stabilized ALTICAM 11 Gimbal
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